For Agencies

Are your clinicians comfortable addressing death-related grief with their clients?

As you know, death is certainly a taboo topic in most circles and because we don’t talk about death it’s difficult to gain comfort with the topic. Even well-seasoned clinicians have told me they prefer to refer out clients with death-related grief. Education that encompasses theory, research, and compassionate attention to the clinician’s experience can change this.

Grief Education can bring this type of compassionate training to your site that will leave your clinicians feeling prepared, confident and more comfortable. They’ll grow in their ability to talk about death-related grief and meet the needs of their grieving clients.

Workshops and Seminars

Workshops and seminars are customized to meet the needs of your staff and range from 90-minutes to full day.

A sample of available topics include:
– An Introduction to Current Grief Theories: Understanding Your Grieving Clients
– Working with Grieving Children
– Interventions for the Bereaved
– Interventions for Grieving Families
– Working with Grievers: Countertransference and Self-Care

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